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Top 60 Masters Awards:

The Biggest Night In The Art Industry

Top 60 Masters Awards

The Top 60 Masters Awards honor the world’s most talented visual artists yearly at a prestigious awards ceremony, often called the “Oscars of the Visual Arts.” This event has recognized and promoted artists for the past 11 years, making it the most significant night in the art industry.

The Top 60 Masters Awards were created in 2012 by Viviana Puello, a prominent figure in the art world. These awards are given out by in collaboration with ArtTour International Magazine, which features artists from around the world, whether up-andcoming or already established. The awards aim to acknowledge and give credit to the most gifted visual artists worldwide. Each year, 60 artists are commended for their outstanding work in various visual art forms, such as painting, sculpture, photography, digital painting, and installation.

Top 60 Masters Awards

24 Carat Gold Award

A famous Italian porcelain company in Nove, Italy, creates the reproductions in porcelain and then plate them with 24-carat gold. This unique, spectacular sculpture embodies everything ATIM stands for.

Angel Wings

It is a 25-cm angel-like figure with magnificent open wings and extended arms painted in Ferrari Red Enamel and Gold.


This prestigious award is a work of art by Viviana Puello

The Awards judges artists solely on the quality of their artworks, not the artist’s fame or popularity. This democratizes the art industry, giving lesser-known artists recognition and appreciation. It values creativity and innovation, providing equal opportunities for all artists.

Winning a Top 60 Masters Award is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for any artist. The awards ceremony provides a platform for artists to showcase their work and gain recognition in the art world. As a result, the event has become the most significant awards event in the industry, often referred to as the “Oscars of the Visual Arts.”

Over time, the Top 60 Masters Awards have become increasingly popular and significant, drawing the attention of art enthusiasts, collectors, and critics worldwide. This award can greatly benefit an artist’s career, boosting their visibility and reputation among industry experts.

Winning the awards not only brings recognition and exposure to artists but also boosts their credibility. It serves as a seal of approval for the high quality of their work, giving them an advantage for future exhibitions, sales, and collaborations. A Top 60 Masters Award can also boost an artist’s career and the art market. It elevates their reputation, increases the value of their work, and inspires more investment and promotion of the industry.

Whether you’re an emerging artist or an established professional, this award recognizes and celebrates the significance of creativity and artistic vision.

Top 60 Masters Awards
ATIM's Top 60 Masters ICON

The Venue

Top 60 Masters Awards

For over a decade, the Top 60 Masters Awards have been a significant event in the art industry. The awards ceremony is held in various locations worldwide, each adding its unique flavor to the night.

The first-ever ceremony took place at the Auditorium Al Duomo in Florence, Italy, while subsequent events have been celebrated in venues like the Castello Estense in Ferrara, The Saint-Martin de la Garrigue Castle in Montagnac, France, and the Museum of Art and Design in New York.

Overall, the Top 60 Masters Awards have been a driving force in the art industry for over a decade. The ceremony is a night to remember for all who attend and a celebration of creativity, innovation, and artistic excellence.