Top 60 Masters Awards

Publisher: ArtTour International Publications, Inc.

Editor: Viviana Puello.

Edition: 2022

Published: June 27, 2022

Enjoy an exciting new format of ArtTour International Magazine.

You inspire us, challenge us, provoke us, and impact the world with your art. Art that awakens, renews, heals, and restores.

Your art is imprinted with the design of our universal grid, restoring balance and harmony and keeping us centered in this vortex of creation.

You offer a fresh perspective, a delightful artistic “lens” with which you perceive the world and help us rediscover the universe and find beauty through your eyes.

Thank you for working, creating, brainstorming, perfecting, and presenting the products of your sparkling artistry.

Artist, brother, sister, friend, and soul mate: thank you for enriching us with your art. Through your art, you have given us your very soul.


A Message from our Editor-in-Chief

You’re about to embark on an exhilarating and inspiring journey!

This publication is not a list of artists or a collection of works thrown by accident into the pages of an art book; this book is a celebration of artistic excellence and years of work and dedication in the lives of the most exciting artists in today’s art scene. In the pages of this publication, you will find mesmerizing artworks that will for sure inspire you.

Being inspired allows us to tap into our higher selves. It helps us create through language, music, dance, painting, writing —whatever the mode of delivery might be—so that we can express the message the world needs, sing the song others need to hear, build the bridge we need to cross, and paint the artwork the viewers need to see.

With that inspiration, we embarked on producing this book amid uncertainty in the world around us. Yet, we focused on our goal to rise above all circumstances. “Rising Above” is not just the title of the sculpture award I created for our master artists. It is my energy field, place of reflection, point of creation, and where I stand now in life.

We have worked hand in hand with over sixty artists. Open ears, open hearts, we decided together on the artworks, aesthetics, con- cepts, and ideas, designing one by one the pages of this publication. It has been one of our most fulfilling collaborations. It was a beau- tiful journey of discovery and getting to know the hearts of each one of the artists presented here today, and they are all magnificent.

Viviana Puello Top 60 Masters

Viviana Puello – Editor-in-Chief ArtTour International Magazine.

I hope this book will bring you light and inspiration. So take your time to enjoy it again and again. I promise that you will discover something new that speaks directly to your heart each time you do. Also, feel free to reach out to the artists, as they have more to share.

I have been inspired and transformed by the creations of these amazing master artists, and I’m grateful for the honor of working with them.

By reading this book, I hope you also can find yourself “Rising Above.” Enjoy the ATIM Top 60 Masters of 2022.
Enjoy the ride, and stay inspired.

Top 60 Masters Awards

Viviana Puello.

Editor-in-Chief ArtTour International Magazine

Viviana Puello Top 60 Masters


Rising Above In Ferrari Red To Bring Awareness For World Peace.

ArtTour International Magazine is pleased to announce “Rising Above,” The sculptural project executed by the curator of the publication, Viviana Puello. For 2020, Puello has chosen to present a new version of the sculpture, painted in Ferrari Red, reflecting a year full of world events that have threatened social justice and international peace. The elegant, stunning sculpture is entitled “Flying Above.” It is a 25-cm angel-like figure with magnificent open wings and extended arms painted in Ferrari Red Enamel and Gold. A famous Italian porcelain company in Nove, Italy, creates the reproductions in porcelain and then plate them with 24-carat gold. This unique, spectacular sculpture embodies everything ATIM stands for.